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Dec 19, 2007


Carl Tyler

I blogged about the same thing a few days ago. Personally I think it's Spock spamming people and making up connections, so far I haven't known anyone that was interested in me. Actually looks like Alec has it figured out.

Beginning of the end for Spock?

Andrey Golub


I will agree with you about that it's already plenty on the Web 2.0 for "just another social network"! I think it has become a real headache to manage the own Online presence today, and to synchronize all these Networks and our friends/buddies over there :)

But we know that a new Social Network arrives almost every day :) well, the new Network arrives it does not mean it's a must to check for everybody. Each network has more or less its target, like LinkedIn and Xing for Business, like Facebook for extremal social communication and just having fun :), like MySpace for content sharing and everything else sharing with everybody :)...

but this time it's probably not the right occasion to speak about "just another social network"! Spock- did you know its spelling so also the mission? Single- Point- Of- Contact- (by)Keyword.
it's first of all Search Engine. The PEOPLE Search Engine- the Google 2.0 :)?, or just the next generation of Web Search Engines that now crowls also Web 2.0- why not?
Yesterday the Web was about HTML and Search was dong for Web Pages. Today the Web is the Social Web/ Web 2.0 so the search must be done over people- not only pages, right? then the semantics will come...

so, if it's a search engine that will be used by those who SEARCH, and they will find your record there [and they will :)], how you can say "I don't see the value in this service"?

Look- when Google finds your Home Page and the Web Viewer comes there- it's important for you what does that person reads there, right?

then, if somebody doesn't stop on your home page but want to know more about you- he/she will use the same google to find everything about you or not you but somobody with the same or similar name. right? So people ALREADY DO searches about another people. and people do a lot of such searches, it's a known fact.

It was expected that soon or later a cool People Search Engine will arrive. Today there available already about 10 of different ones, better or worst, that allow us search for PEOPLE (they take Web Pages and "generate" an Identity/person behind pages to associate the pages with)

but then what? Will such search engine find X pages about you, and those are not related in any way one to another- so anyway it's a huge headache for anybody to follow it and manage all this. You may want to have a "place" on the Web, from where it's easy and comfortable to monitor your Online Identity, right? and the "Digital ID" of another people- that would make the life much easies, right?

and this is also easy, this also has been done before by Naymz, SocialURL and etc. What else Spock has done to become unique? They have become a search engine 2.0! That means the COMMUNITY, the people help to Search Engine in classifying another people, uploading a content about them (and about themselves of course :lol:) and so on.
I think it's a great idea.

why won't you join, to check your profile, to delete the useless links and instead add those correct? why not to check about your friends- I do not believe you know everything about all your friends (and social friends)- and it's not only about their professional career that I also follow on LinkedIn...

I think it's the great idea to have a PEOPLE search engine as 2.0 service, as a tool to manage our Digital Identity and to be really 2.0 to allow us contributing to it. Otherwise it would create lots of conflicts- if the data about PEOPLE were presented by a "death robot" which you can't say anything (probably Google's People Search will look in this way?).

plus taking into account the primary idea of Spock to be Single- Point- of- Contact and the direction to where the Social Web is goning to (OpenID, OpenSocial, DataPortability and another interoperability ideas)- very soon the Social Networks will talk to each other... ;) so the Single-Access-Point is a good idea, and it comes just in time I think.

could you have any question do not hesitate contacting me!
Andrey Golub- a Spock Evangelist and Blogger

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