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Jan 23, 2006


Art Rosenberg

Hi Irwin,

I agree with your perspective of VoIP as the network infrastructure for all forms of communication within the enterprise, but I also see presence expanding across enterprises and across communication modalities (conferencing, messaging). In my BCR article in 2004 I discussed what end users need from IP in terms of presence, availability, and modality management for telephony services, and I think that the network service approach is really the only way to do the job. I am just wondering if the wireless carriers won't eventually jump into this technology to bridge the gap between their consumer services and their FMC enterprise offerings of the future.

Best regards,

Art Rosenberg
The Unified-View


How do you build a gap between the communication basically how do this technology works?This increase the interaction with the things through this information technology and this consist of information flows it can only lead to a further compression of time and space that was characterized as an early feature of globalisation.
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