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Oct 11, 2005



Hi mate great blog! Totally agree with you about VoIP - it needs more publicity.

Any of your readers in the UK might be interested to have a snoop round my blog - I have a guide on there to engineering a complete phone service via a PC - incoming calls and FREE outgoing calls to landline numbers. This is the direct link: https://bradford-blogger.blogspot.com/2005/10/phone-for-free.html but feel free to look round the rest of the site.



Great blog. You can also check out our website at Http://www.voipchoices.com for an easy side by side comparison of the U.S. and Canadian VoIP companies.


Presence and unified messaging are VoIP-enabled services? I feel it can be offered to PSTN subscribers as well. Yes, we need slightly specialized phone units, but unfied messaging is strictly a backend function.

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