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Oct 11, 2005


Larry Lewis

Have you tested and reviewed a the product from a company called U-Control? They seem to have a product which will alleviate some of the problems you have mentioned.


irwin lazar

Hi, thanks for the comment. I took a look at UControl (https://www.ucontrol.com/), it is a product that sends you an alert if your alarm is triggered, you can get the alert on your cell phone or via e-mail (and log in to check your alarm via any browser). It also lets you use your Internet connection as backup in the event of a POTS line failure.

It doesn't look like it solves the main problem I described above though, which is the lack of an ability for home alarm systems to dial into monitoring centers via VOIP services.

It seems like a rather interesting device, thanks for the pointer. It's probably worth revisiting the earlier post to see if there are other newer solutions available.

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