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Apr 19, 2005


Paul Shaw

Actually, the policy states "A credit balance for SkypeOut service expires 180 days after last usage of SkypeOut service." so everytime you place a call you reset the counter to 180 days. I don't think it's too much to ask to place 1 call in 6 months to keep your credits.

Irwin Lazar

Hi Paul, that's basically what I said, credits expire if they aren't used for 180 days. Again, I think this is bad policy. If I buy the credits they shouldn't expire as long as I'm an active user of the service (even if I go a long time between SkypeOut calls). If I've paid for something, why should I lose it?

Furthermore, Skype doesn't send any notifications that credits are about to expire. This is incredibly bad business practice IMHO.

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