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Apr 27, 2005



Interesting post, but let me disagree.
1) Alarm.com will be VOIP compatible (as will other alarm systems)

2) Don't know about you, but my Comcast account is rock solid (knock on wood)

3) Use Broadvoice (smaller than Vonage). In the 6 months I've had it's been rock solid (passes the wife test)

4) If your provider isn't obscure, it will be acquired and grandfathered by someone else, so no worries there

5) We call long distance and international A LOT! For $24.95/mo nobody comes in even at a distant second. (Basic phone + called ID, forwarding, etc + long distance + international = $24.95)

6) Before VOIP I thought I didn't even need all these goodies either, but can't live without call forwarding now (or caller ID, or 3 way calling, or distinctive ringing, or...)

7) Since I switched, I still plug in an old analog phone on the regular phone jack, and get a line good only for 911 ($0.00) from my old RBOC. Moot point

8) I don't get faxing on Broadvoice yet (although they claim any day now...) Don't fax, so moot point.

9) (Bonus) Call anywhere whithout worrying about phone bills.

10) (Bonus) Can take my phone anywhere there is broadband (including work)

11) (Bonus) Because of 10) I can call anywhere in the world (almost) without paying

12) I can use a Softphone (like X-Ten freeware) to take/make calls near WiFI on my home phone.

Got more bonus points, but I'll stop now.

Irwin Lazar

Thanks for the feedback. As I mentioned above I'm currently paying $49.95 for unlimited local and long distance, including call-waiting, caller ID, three way calling, etc., so the VoIP feature set doesn't buy me much and I don't worry about my phone bill. (Again though, I don't call internationaly).

I do have a cell phone with unlimited local/long distance on nights weekends, so that is another alternative I can use.

Congrats on having a better experience with Comcast than what I've had. Comcast was fine up until about three weeks ago. Since then I've had two DNS outages, one hard outage, and noticeable slowness in the evening hours when presumably my neighborhood is using it most heavily (we can't get DSL so everyone is on Comcast).

As far as the 911 phone, is it wired throughout your house?


Regarding use of unused land line for 911, do you have to pay royalty to VoIP Inc (https://news.com.com/Net+phone+company's+answer+to+911/2100-7352_3-5221705.html?tag=cd.top)?

Kidding aside, if one is using this technique, then don't follow the scheme of rewiring the home to use ATA from any phone in the house (that requires disabling the connection to phone network).


i agrre with aswath.

Corro'll Driskell

I have had a great experience with Vonage overall. I do admit that their customer support lacks promptness and access. But, in the last 5 years i have only called twice. I have had to call only once for a technical issue out of the two.

What hits home for me is the fact that I can not add the wifi phone without adding an additional line. We are considering taking our business else where do to that fact.

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