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Apr 13, 2005


Chris Woods

For the record, OS X, more specifically, iChat AV, has been able to do ad-hoc video conferencing since 2003. It's great quality stuff. I use it to communicate with my family and co-workers on a weekly basis. The key enhancements that are coming with Tiger are the ability to conduct four-way video, 10-way audio conferences, utilization of QuickTime 7's H.264 advanced video codec, and compatibility with Jabber chat servers so that companies can run private chat services.

Irwin Lazar

Chris, thanks for the comment. I meant to say that Apple will introduce multi-party VC with Tiger. We've been using the point-to-point video conferencing capabilities in OS X for a while now. Generally it works very well, the only downside being the need for an Apple FireWire camera since generic USB web-cams aren't supported.

I'm pretty excited about the multi-party features in Tiger and we're going to try it out as soon as the software arrives.

Chris Woods

You may want to check out iChatUSBCam ( http://www.ecamm.com/mac/ichatusbcam/ ) to address your desire to use USB cameras with iChat. While it doesn't support USB cameras generically, it does support some of the more popular ones.

We, too, are exicted about the multi-party stuff coming in Tiger. The demos at apple.com are nice.

Chris Timco

I am a "PC" user and have been asked by our company to look into Video Conferencing. I've used a trial version of www.instantpresenter.com with PowerPoint turned into flash on the site. It is cross platform. I have always been interested in using MACs because the company I rep need a "out of the box" ready to go system to use on the road. The presenters on the road are NOT techie! They would setup the Mac laptop, isight camera, need a sound mixer for the hotel mics (that has been a problem with background issues in the room), and then send it to the server for others to watch in other hotels around the USA. Typical meeting has 400-600 people in it. So they want to maximize the gathering of people in several places.
I like the look of the conference layout 3D versus 2D as in instant presenter.

Are you aware of any MAC developers that will be having a white board, power points, recording is a plus and very intuative among the audiences?

Looking for a turn-key solution

Chris Timco, Dearborn, Michigan

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