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Feb 24, 2005



Seems like, if you will pay $10/day for WiFi, that $80/month for EVDO isn't that much different. All, you need to do is use it twice a week and you are at $80/month.

I do agree, that it is a bit pricey, but for those that *have* to be connected, it is a bargain.


Irwin Lazar

Agreed, it is by far and away the best service out there for the road warrior. But for those of us who travel once or month or so, it isn't easy to justify.

We have several of our folks here at Burton Group using it and they have been extremely pleased with the service. My point is that I'd be willing to buy the EVDO card if it meant that I could use the service on a pay-per-use basis only when I needed it (as I do with WiFi today - where available).

robert kim

Irwin, great suggestion... im sure you echo the voice of millions.. BUT until the spectum gets released into public domain... Verizon is the boss and the consumer is subject to how they wanna call the shots... at http://evdo-coverage.com and http://hsdpa-coverage.com i am putting up some stats on how well sprint and cingular are doing... that oughta get verizon to buckle more to consumer demands... lets see... by the way.. have you tried VOIP and EVDO?

Irwin Lazar

Hi Robert, Great work - no I haven't tried VoIP over EVDO. I did just get a Treo 650 w/ Edge and will try Skype over Dial-Up Networking just to see if it is usable.


I have used a form of VOIP using iChat Audio, which works over the faster EVDO and even the slower 1xRTT. So, using VOIP should be no problem. We will be testing this and reporting back the results at


BTW, here is the story on 2 way audio and video going 60 MPH:


chris wireless internet folwer

nobody's going to agree with the pricing of the verizon evdo package, but the speed is adaquet, and the mobility is there, the best thing to do is to discontinue starbucks service, and dsl, and only have one bill, just get a router for your house or office and the card still works, check out the tests we did at our site http://www.wireless-internet-broadband-service.com the product is that good. it makes up for the price.

Vince Brown

My comments are not about the services which are about as good as the others but the unethical "bait and switch" methods of selling phones for the service. I recently bought an LG VX 8100, was promised a long list of features such as bluetooth sync with my IBM Thinkpad, downloads and plays MP3s and on and on. After talking to a friend at LG the phone can do all of the things I was told by the salesmen but Denny Strigl CEO has order the features all turned off for now until he figures out a way to bleed customers for more money. What a FRAUD! Buyer beware. Verizon is dishonest.
Vince Brown

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